218th MP Co Letters (Terrell)
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My Fellow Members of the 218thMP Company;
Although our experiences as members of the 218th MP Company in Vietnam varied, one thing that we all have in common is working combined police patrols with a South Vietnamese QC by the name of Hahn, aka ďPlayboyĒ.
I left that country on March 1, 1971 and over the years, each time I thought about my experiences in Nha Trang, Hahn was the QC who stood out in my memory. I often found myself wondering whether he had survived the war, and if so, whether he had been placed in a concentration camp after the conflict ended.
Some of you are aware that I recently made a return visit to Vietnam. The highlight of my entire trip was my meeting with our old friend, QC Hahn at his home in Saigon. Hahn and his family credit the men of the 218th with helping prepare them for success in their current lives. For many years Hahn has been hoping to establish contact with us and shortly before my trip to Vietnam, his oldest son, Bao, found the 218th website and that discovery led to our meeting.

Hahnís gorgeous wife and two beautiful daughters prepared a delicious meal for my son and me. We had a wonderful time getting acquainted with Hahnís extended family. Toward the end of the evening a more somber mood set in as Hahnís oldest son, Bao, translated and explained some of the hardships Hahn and his family endured after the war. It was a heart wrenching story. Hahn gradually overcame his circumstances and raised an absolutely wonderful and loving family. All four of his children are healthy, bright, handsome well educated and hold responsible jobs. His two daughters are absolutely beautiful and both are married to handsome, highly intelligent men who provide well for them. Hahnís grandchildren are healthy, intelligent and full of life.

I learned that the men of the 218th had a direct and lasting impact on Hahnís life and even today we indirectly touch the lives of his wonderful children and even his grandchildren. That is because, as a result of working with the men of the 218th and learning what America has to offer, in defiance of communist pressure for school children to learn Russian, QC Hahn had the wisdom to guide his children into learning English so they could one day obtain jobs in international companies.. Hahn yearns to re-unite with his old friends of the 218th MP Company at our upcoming reunion in September but he needs our help to make that happen.

Letís give him that memory!
We have established a travel fund for that purpose. Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 in order to bring Hahn and at least one family member to the US. International travel is not cheap. My ticket was $2,200 and the Vietnamese Dong is very weak compared to the US dollar. His family will assist as much as possible. I have made a substantial contribution and am asking each of you to reach into your pockets and assist. Guys, we are all very blessed and we are positioned to provide our old friend with an experience he and his loved ones will never forget.
I hope you will do what the TV preacher asks on Sunday morning: Give until it hurts, then just keep on giving until you feel real goodÖ
Warm Regards,

Mike Terrell