218th MP Co Letters (Kiet)
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Hi All,

My name is Kiet - QC.Hanh's youngest son. I think Mr. James Berlin probably knows me well especially after my recent trip to Nha Trang (03-04 Nov 2012).

On behalf of my Daddy (QC.Hanh), I would like to thank James for welcoming us to your house. The stories about Nha Trang before 1975 that James told me were all that my Daddy has never stopped mentioning since I was a child.

Personally, I am really touched to see my Daddy and James catch-up each other after 37 years without communication.

Also, I strongly believe that my Daddy can find more of his team mates and have chance to join the MP 218 Reunion in Sept 2013 via useful website "".

Below are images between James and QC Hanh, which were taken in Morning 04 Nov 2012:

(Kiet included several photos which can be found on the website by clicking here)

Again, thank you very much for reviving the memories and hopes that my Daddy has brought with him even in the darkest period of his life after 1975.

Yours faithfully,

Kiet Phan
Mobile: (+84) 982 306 454
Skype: kietactivecenter
Yahoo: kietactivecenter