218th MP Co Letters (Debonis)
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Hi Dick & Tom,

On November 21, 2012 Staff Sargent Ed Short and I (Mike DeBonis) met at his daughter’s home in Pennsylvania and shared many memorable moments during lunch including some photos of us at the PMO.

Ed served in Vietnam at the 218th M.P. Company and the 178th PMO Nha Trang from early march 1968 to late February 1969.

I served from September 8th 1968 to December 8, 1969 at both the 218 M.P. Company and the 178th PMO.

Ed sent me an email recently and I could not believe that after 43 years we were going to get together again.

I am attaching some photos of us from our brief reunion. Please feel free to post these on the 218th M.P. Web Site. (Photos submitted by Mike can be found by clicking here)

Also I recently met and had lunch with Frank Buschman, 218 M.P. Company who lives in the same county as I do. Frank work with convoys during his service in Vietnam.

                    VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS

                           OF THE UNITED STATES

                    Michael DeBonis

                    VFW Yardley Post 6393 Service Officer