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This email was sent to me by a old friend from Montezuma, (who lives in Celina now). Pat was in Viet Nam the same time and place that I was, as I remember

Pat new Mums real well and Mums new Pat real well prior to our service days - back in our- after high school day; we did some carousing around; drank a beer or three at Mum’s house, and else where

We happened to be in Nam for about a month together not knowing that at that time. Pat was a SP in the Air Force and I was a MP in the Army. Some guys in our companies we both knew would have even worked patrols together, Yet our paths never crossed over there.

Pat’s tour was over and he went to Germany or somewhere, to finish out is time in the Air Force. …When Pat got home he saw Mums, and ask where I was and Mums told him In Nha Trang. With this answer…. We came to the conclusion that Pat and I were real close, half way across the world and didn’t even realize it until Pat got back home talked to Mums. Of course this led to a rather special relationship between the three of us at that time.

After I got back to the world, Pat and I had several real good reason to drink a beer or three, a time or two…

Pat sent me this email when my mother (Mums) passed last week, It meant a lot to me and I wanted to share it with Family… and some friends.. Thanks Pat

If ya have a chance, check out Patsdailyrant -Blog sometime, listed at the end of his email… Just click on it …

I don’t want him to get a big head or anything , but the caliber of work in this blog is way above what I would expect out of an old beer drinking chum like Pat…. Watch your time, I’ve spent quite a bit up on a real nice site, lot of great info on where Pat and I spent a year or so of our lives..

Pat by the way, that’s a compliment - might see ya at Red Door Night -tomorrow, be fun to drink a beer or three…. Mike Knapschaefer
Mike: I read tonight in the Standard that your mom had passed away. Funny how life is, and somehow how things come up in our mind/memories, etc....Just a few days ago I was thinking about those days back in the late 1960s, when we used to hang out. ...and I found myself wondering how your mom was doing....maybe somebody was trying to poke me.

I remember one time you and me, along with your mom were are a dinner, chicken fry, or something such, at the American Legion in Maria Stein....we were about 18, maybe 19, and I'm sureme and you may have had a beer or 3...I was doing my usual mouthing off(seemed natural at the time)...I said something about one of the girls I had dated from Coldwater(can't remember who), it seemed to me pretty innocent....your mom says..."Pat, you need to think before you speak"....she just gave me that look, and laughed. She always was good for a laugh...hard to believe that has been over 40 years ago, and that she was only 40 or so back then....the folks seemed older and wiser, even though by our standards today, they were just kids themselves.

She was a great person, and I'm sure she has a special place in God's Kingdom....she was a part of all of our teen years....

Whether I make the funeral home tomorrow (something I have a hard time doing, it's a me thing), remember my thoughts and prayers are with your mom, you, and your family at this time.


"In God We Trust"
The Best of 2010 to all

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