218th MP Co Letters (Metz)
The web site is great, I really enjoyed going through it from top to bottom.

I am not sure about the reunion yet, but will probably come.

I was assigned to the 218th in Ft Bragg, when they combined members of the 82nd,503d and 118th MP. Like any other company that had legs and airborne we were had to control. They always seemed to be a fight which was ok, but if somebody from outside the unit got involved them got their butts kicked by the two fighting. Legs would put on a jacket from one of the airborne, when dared. When on the plan and about ready to jump, the Platoon Sgt would check their men and would see a new face, nothing was ever said until the CO saw a leg floating down next to him, but that was the last jump before we boarded the ship in Oakland CA. The first stop in VN was Saigon, then we hit a few other ports finally we received word that we were going ashore. The duffel bag were collected, 45 and 16 were issued. We fell in by Plat's, board landing craft and were confused because we had no ammo. the front of the landing craft bow hit the sand and the front opened and the band stated playing for a pass in review. We were upset to say the least. We boarded busses and were taken to some sand dunes and told to put up out squared tents. One week later we started building the Company area and the barracks, the same ones you stayed in.

Looking through the unit list, O'Neil, Richard, he stayed in VN for 3 or 4 more years, then I saw him in Ft Gordon, and Korea around 76, he was a Maj. Ronal Coleman I saw in 71, he was an Sfc at that time. There was another Brown, James the last time I saw him was in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. working as a Police Officer.

Again thank you for our Web Site

Harry Metz
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