218th MP Co Letters (Bowman)
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In response to David Yell's inquiry, I remember when John Nagy was killed when his jeep hit a land mine. He died, all of the others survived and were not seriously hurt. I have been to the the VN Memorial in DC and have a rubbing of his name from the wall. This info can be acessed online. I think Vic Albury was one of the others in that jeep, but I am not real sure of that. I don't recall the other guys. I have lost touch with all of the 218th guys. Last contact was a few years back when Ray Dykema came to Seattle and we met and had dinner with he and his wife Char. I am most likely unable to attend the reunion, since I am a teacher and September is our first month back in the classroom. I ran across this website when I tried to contact Carter Dickey and as luck would have it, my name and his were right next to each other in David's post. Thanks to whoever started the website and arranged for a reunion. I will try to attend, maybe for a day or two.

Ron Bowman

Greg Franz and I were bunkmates for our entire tenure at the 218th. Even though he entered the country a few days before I did, we even rotated back stateside on the same day. I would appreciate you contacting Greg with my email info to see if he would like to establish contact with me after all these years. He may remember him kissing the ground in Seattle when we got off the plane. And he may remember that there was a serious storm happening when we took off from CRB. There was absolute silence aboard that plane until we reached cruising altitude. There had been a jetliner go down somewhere near a stateside airport a few weeks earlier, so things were pretty tense until we finally touched down…… to the cheers of all those GI’s onboard. Whenever I hear the name St. Louis, I think of Greg and wonder what/how he is doing. Thanks again for setting this up and allowing us to reconnect with those we served with.

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