218th MP Co Letters (Ansbro)

A lot of guys called me "frenchy", also. So many memories flooding me now. Photos are great. I will get some photos and send them when I furgure out how to do it. I remember calling SGT Rose "pop". Gerry Roesler my good bud. I have a picture of Mark Meltzer's frige, Teddy White good to see "good ole boy". I remember a partner who was the biggest MP they ever had, I think, red hair and was a "big mother". We went to an orphanage run by priests, and sang and played guitars for them. I remember writing a song for another friend's girl named Norma. I remember being with John Nagy when another friend who was supposed to go on that fateful convoy, had a bad feeling and John told him that he would do it for him. I have the name of the guy he was with on the tip of my tongue, it will come to me. John was a good friend and knew his baseball, as I recall. I'll stop for now as my memories are on overload right now. After all , you old farts, it was just yesterday!!!!!!!

Rick (Frenchy) Ansbro
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